All our products are made in pure wool in Bosnia-Herzegovina by women who have revived age-old weaving techniques.

Cushion \\ 65x65 cm
Cushion \\ 50x50 cm
Cushion \\ 65x35 cm
Cushion \\ 40x40 cm



Big basket \\ height 55 cm, diameter 40 cm
Medium basket \\ height 35 cm, diameter 30 cm
Small basket \\ height 15 cm, diameter 20 cm





Rugs \\ size on demand

Box \\ 45x45 cm
Box \\ 30x30 cm
Box \\ 20x20 cm
Box \\ 15x15 cm



Pencil box round \\ height 15 cm, diameter 13 cm
Pencil box square \\ height 15 cm, width 10 cm

Each Wool Fabrique product is labelled with a tag bearing the name of the person who weaved it.

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