For a long time, as a fashion stylist and movie set decorator, I've nursed the project of designing objects for the home and fashion accessories.

After falling in love with the kilims from Eastern Europe and the Balkans, I had the idea of using the old traditional weaving techniques to give life to my designs.

All my objects are handmade, which makes each of them a unique piece. Kilims look even better with time, and wear and tear!

Wool Fabrique is a friends and family venture. I work with my sister Vesna who is in charge of the local production and many other things! My friend Michelle Levine, who is based in Paris France, is in charge of online sales and marketing. I'm also lucky to have wonderful friends who help and advise me in different areas: thanks Hermine, Pascal, Natacha, Ulysse...

I think that the desire to weave links between my multicultural background and the countries I was lucky to live in have contributed to the birth of Wool Fabrique: to tie knots of wool...it's a very strong symbol!

— Maya Bekto


All our products are knitted or woven by hand in pure wool. Based in Sarajevo, in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Wool Fabrique's products are made by women who have revived and now perpetuate age-old handicraft techniques. We try to improve these women's lives, by giving them a steady income for the magnificent weaving and knitting that they make for Wool Fabrique. The creative act of interpreting our designs requires a great deal of concentration, precise gestures and patience.With the patina of time our objects become even more beautiful.

Wool Fabrique is supported by the United Nation's Development Program.


Bosnia-Herzegovina, a small country that was once part of Yugoslavia, is a land of mountains, forests and water, shaped by history with a capital H. Both oriental and occidental, its capital Sarajevo is often described as a little Jerusalem.

After a difficult recent history, Bosnia is reconstructing itself. Sarajevo is an animated and open town: many open-air cafés, shops, restaurants…A world-class film festival is held here each summer.

At Wool Fabrique we believe that ecology, organic agriculture, ecotourism, culture and education are the future of this country. We hope to contribute to an intelligent and sustainable development by perpetuating the tradition of weaving and knitting and the handicraft that have always existed here and that risk disappearing.


Besides Wool Fabrique, I have created a bed-and-breakfast with the French movie set decorator Sébastien Monteux-Halleur.

It is located in the heart of Sarajevo's old town in the historical district of Alifakovac. The house offers a beautiful panoramic view.

You will be seduced by the design and comfort of our home. It is filled with unique vintage furniture we have collected over the course of our careers as interior designers and set decorators.

We enjoy sharing with our guests our love for Sarajevo, its history, culinary tradition, culture, and natural surroundings.

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